16 June 2007

Towards reading "Electric Velocipede" on Mars

Subscribe to Electric Velocipede. This should be taken as an order, dear readers. Why? There are many reasons. Great stories and poetry, and great taste in graphics, Thom Davidson's covers alone being worth the price. You can frame the bloody things!

Electric Velocipede has been a work of madness by editor / publisher John Klima now for some years. Another of his recent projects is Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories, "This book is a logophile's dream—a left-field collection of stories inspired by winning words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee."

I've blogged about this book already but the good reviews keep coming, for stories by the likes of Hal Duncan, Michelle Richmond, Tim Pratt, Jeff VanderMeer, and more – just the sort you run into, in the pages of Electric Velocipede.

Keeping a small excellent magazine going is hard, and continuing to improve it is most unusual. Most don't make it. Klima's done all that, and expanded his Spilt Milk Press to now publish chapbooks, so it's inevitable that this dynamo has hit that "does anyone care" time, and needs some oil in the joints.

Klima has come out and said that subscriptions to Electric Velocipede would help the magazine. Well, duh. That's what every magazine editor / publisher would like, but who bothers to subscribe?

But he's come up with what I think is a much better deal for us consumers than a mere subscription that if you're like me, you mean to get around to taking out to support blah blah blah, but never do: the "Benefactor Patronage Subscription" "Benefactor Patronages start with the current issue and continue with everything that Spilt Milk Press publishes (i.e., zines, chapbooks, etc.). This subscription includes shipping all over the world." I presume this means that he includes Australia, and if you live there, Mars.

This is a bargain. John Klima is still young. I've just subscribed and urge you to, too. Together, we can keep him to his word and us supplied with the good stuff, for eternity, at least.

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