23 June 2007

The Mindless Materialism T-shirt & the AWM

New! The Mindless Materialism T-shirt is the second in my new designer line of items that you can enjoy not having.

Did you miss the AWM?
Today, hundreds of thousands of children released yellow balloons that said: The death of millions is a statistic.

Just kidding on what the balloons said. If you missed the first item in my line: the stainless steel and hubrimium, waterproof at 300 metres, AllTogether World Maudlinometer , the world's first lachrymograph, a precision instrument engineered to work in all atmospheres, that's terrible. I'm really sorry.

The next model will be able to measure 150% higher levels than the AWM-M1. At present, I can't even send you a free balloon in consolation, as all the balloons have been bought up, despite best efforts. But don't despair.

Soon, you too can enjoy not having have your very own AWM-M2, Supplies have been banned in the UK for possibly resembling an egg.

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