26 June 2007

Portraits of muck in a rainbarrel's lid: The Invertebrates of Illawarra

It's been so wet, finally, that the lid of a water barrel has filled with rain and the inevitable muck.

It's been windy, too, so the water was moving in a slow swirl, and some of the muck was fidgeting.

The group floated away. Did Dutch burghers give as much trouble?

All of the above portraits are free of artifice, but in the one below, I commanded the darkness and the light.


Faren said...

Gorgeous photos! Not that I'd want to encounter those critters in person (since one has a stinger, and the tiny red one looks suspiciously like a tick).... But seen at a safe distance, they could almost be made of stained glass -- those wings -- and enamel.

AliceB said...

They look like jewels to me. :-)

anna tambour said...

In their tiny world, they would be fierce, though that little red bug isn't a tick, and none of them would ever have anything to do with you. But they did look like glass to me, too, and I couldn't help thinking that Lalique's ghost would sigh over these jewels that the sun and nature made, and Sarah Bernhardt's ghost would have a screaming fit, seeing that she missed wearing these.