03 September 2011

Laird Barron edits new journal: Phantasmagorium

Phantasmagorium is coming soon. "A new quarterly collection of visceral adult fiction", edited by Laird Barron, who has no equal in the offhand remark that makes a reader's guts freeze. He is heartlessly cavalier in causing people to mistrust wakefulness as well as sleep.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell about the other folks involved in Phantasmagorium, so I'll just say that I expect a knife-along-the-back thrill of a publication, with the highest standards of writing, art, and even treating authors better than cobs of corn in a syrup plant.

The authors for the first issue have just been revealed.
Joseph S. Pulver is not only one of them, but an author you should sink your eyeballs into, so see his announcement where he reveals all the authors:

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