16 September 2011

A banquet for overspace guests

Haven't we met somewhere before?

Planning a Science Fiction theme dinner? There are a whole range of consumables (and drinkables) described throughout SF literature and media. Some of it could be delicious, some revolting, and some of it can eat you! And, master-chefs to the Universe, what would you serve at a banquet for non-earthlings?

That's what Laura E. Goodin, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley, Valerie Toh and I, along with everyone who pitches up, will be considering next week at a panel at Conflux.

So this post is to pick your brains.

What would you like to see served at a SF-theme dinner?
At a banquet with guests who ar
e possibly almost as vicious as starring food judges, what would you risk?

Menu, etiquette, and survival considerations in planning a banquet for non-earthlings ~ some fussingalready notes
  • Mouth parts ~ sucking, chewing, other
  • Tastes ~ We can't assume that guests will have sensory organs for sweet, sour, salt, bitter, umami. So other possible tastes: electric, ozone, colour, assorted waves, other
  • Allergies ~ Assuming that peanuts are out (the starving can't be choosers, but we'll assume our guests are not intergalactic refugees) what else should be excluded?
  • Social considerations ~ What taboos should we plan for?
  • Catering for immatures ~ Separate facilities and a Children's Menu (pussgetti, half-pints, slurpées, etc.) will be necessary for all nymphs, eggs, and others who might metamorphose during the banquet, keeping in mind that larvae who don't eat once they reach adulthood will be particularly hungry.
  • Social expectations ~ Can this be called a banquet if guests expect to be served high-grade fissionable material, yet we only serve champagne?
  • Hostpitality ~ It's only right that hosts try to cater for their guests' every need, though the saying "You should be willing to lay down your life for a guest" was spread by mosquitoes. So if a guest turns to you and says, "Will you be my amuse-bouche?" it is perfectly advisable to reply "I'm sorry. I speak no Astmarsian."
  • What to say to "What's in this?" ~ Remember that only humans accept "You don't wanna know."
  • These are only starters ~ So what do you think vital, so as to be a good host who lives to enjoy another dinner?
So come one, come all.
Please post your thoughts, advice, and menus!
because online,
you can't be skewered

Anyone with experience is automatically a Master.

Possibly The Last Supper detail

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