12 December 2007

Snakes and Ladders - A Neeti way to approach disasters

"Snakes and Ladders arming children against disasters" is such a fascinating article in India Together (motto: The news in proportion.) that I'm not going to quote anything from it.

But I will say that Neeti Solutions' Dr Parag Mankeekar is not only someone I admire very much, but a personal friend. His goals in life are so old-fashioned, though. Very 1990, he actually wants to "make the world a better place". And there's another word that describes him. I can hardly remember it, the word's so archaic, but I think its spelling is m-o-d-e-s-t.

This is from a letter he wrote to me a couple of years ago (quoted with his permission):
I always used to get angry over my father's inability to cater to my childhood demands, but when I look back, I start respecting him more and more.

Now he is almost 79, and every time I achieve something, he looks at me with great pride. Sometimes I wonder if he might be feeling a little sad as I know that he always had greater capacities than what I possess as a person and he could not utilise them because of the situation around. The things which I could never dream as a child are happening all around.

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Anonymous said...

just saw this amazing comment by you on google and past just flashed infront of me...i am fine and i hope you too..still always remember you..