31 December 2007

"The same tradition as every year", and a wish

Let's begin with dinner
A wonderful and spreading tradition of internationalism, that same tradition as every year that is 'Dinner for One'. We'll see it here in Australia tonight.

If you think this means opening up a pre-packed meal and reaching for a spoon, see the BBC's explanatory article.
Next, Wikipedia fills in the blanks.

Dinner is Served
Generously, NDR
presents not only the curious Dinner, but a feast to go with it, including recipes for the menu and 'Der Text Zum Sketch' – in English, of course.

And now, a Wish
"With the wish that the lives that are tangent to each other fully touch, and the ones that don't, do. And that those who are far away come back into our lives, and to feel the closeness of those who are near."
– the ending of today's New Year's greetings by an extraordinarily fine human (and incidentally, a poet who makes poetry live) Nurduran Duman


Anonymous said...

Danke schoen, Fraulein T

und because mein little brother lives now in Germany but has told me about zis traditional sketch, then when I was watching a German film on SBS, and a character said "Same procedure as every year" I was understanding zis.

Gut, ja?

Happy new year!!

anna tambour said...

Gut, ja! Und now we both know more than we did, for I only looked up this curiosity because I couldn't figure out why the movie starts out German. So when you tell about that German film, it reminds me to watch for zis kind of thing, too, and to listen to German tourists, hoping that they say it. But it could take ages. One day on a beach in Greece, I spent the whole afternoon talking with two guys when one turned to the other and said, "Where do you come from?" and the other guy said, "Germany." The answer was, "Me, too."