23 December 2007

Pseason's psillinesses: Best chat-up lines, worst presents, and unwanted guests

Learn from the experts in romantic chat-up lines at New Scientist's Flirt With Science Competition

The laminated hankies with nursery rhymes are treasures, I would think, but not to the then teenager who now tosses them in the pile of the The Independent's Worst Christmas Presents You've Ever Had

The Publisher's Post (delightfully URL'd as www.dogearsetc.com) has so much to explore in every edition, but try Dec 1 for a thoroughly gleeful time. See mention of a magazine called Tinkle, read a throw-away line about the challenge of bringing out an anthology of Dalit poetry (has anyone noticed the droves of poetry anthologies in English bursting the shelves of bookstores?) and boggle at news of a (surprising) book that not only must win the world record for the longest title, but for the number of characters without a space. Definitely a stocking stuffer for that special someone who's already got a wand.

But are you perhaps preoccupied, groaning already about Uncle B_____, his perpetual drip and the habit he has of wiping his nose on his sleeve, or your furniture and towels? "These pests are the harbinger of disease-causing bacteria and virus, contaminating food and home," says a story that also gives insight into what children really think of their mother's cooking.
Web India 123's Keep unwanted guests out of your house this festive season

And now from me to you, greetings at this time of year when down here, relatives of our species drop in constantly, but since they don't show boring photographs of their travels and don't talk about their latest writings planned to write, they're worth a glance in their direction, and you know – they really make the season beautiful.

Phestive Ply Pheasting

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