15 November 2012

Crandolin released today – so be as the cinnamologus

From Chômu Press:

For the adwentoursomme
...We couldn’t fit all the praise so far received for Crandolin on the back cover, so here are a couple of quotes that we did not manage to include:

"Epicurean fantasy at its finest. Crandolin is an uncanny mating of passion and precision: that Anna Tambour is billed as ‘author’ and not ‘magician’ belies the virtuosity with which she coaxes a whirlwind of gluttonous carnality into her scintillatingly intricate narrative web."
Rachel Edidin

"For gourmands literary and culinary, Tambour is always a treat, and Crandolin is Tambour at her best. Bold and subtle, rich and delicate, this is fiction to savour, fiction to sustain the soul."
Hal Duncan
Read the rest of their announcement, and enter their prize draw with the magic words:
"borscht borscht borscht" 

Crandolin is the only novel ever committed that was inspired by postmodern physics AND Ottoman confectionery.
&, in the words of Lucius Shepard:
"Crandolin is unlike any novel you will ever have read."

So, to those who would give a basket of medlars as a declaration of love
If your tweets are, as the cinnamologus, listened to by others with particular taste, and your gifts as choice as those picked under cinnamolocare, consider Crandolin (which is as attractive as any medlar, yet has no stones) — and to those like you, though there are so few, let your voices fly.

A special someone has just urged me to add: Crandolin is for donkey lovers.


Adam Browne said...

congratulations - part of my next paycheck is committed to buying it - can't wait - and will twitter it too.

anna tambour said...

Your next paycheck? Why are you wasting your pay on food now, when you could be living on anticipation?

Adam Browne said...

am allergic to anticipation
for me, instant gratification comes too slow