04 November 2012

Another magnificent insignificant: mushroom-scented 'coral'

Pycnoporus coccineus (spore side) and ?

This bracket fungus is common around these parts, and this is the first time I've seen it being attended by any insects. These look like instars of something that I should know, but all I can say definitively is, "Duh".

One of the characteristics of this fungus that has caused me many uselessly thoughtful hours, is its ability to grow around such light objects that the physics of force and time seem impossible.
 See the grass?
The colour lasts,which makes it the perfect gem to wear for special occasions, or as I did once for the beautiful artist, Marilyn Pride, woven into a diadem for a medieval festival. 
As a gem, treat as women are supposed to, our skin. Lightly spritz with water before displaying it to the world so as to bring out the colour, smooth out the wrinkles, and bring out the 'natural glow'. 
Watering also brings out again that alluring, yet subtle scent—one that can be worn anywhere with style and confidence—unlike most perfumes that, like most music, should be banned from restaurants.

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JP said...

Fungus that can be worn as jewellery? You've suddenly made the world seem like a much better place than I'd previously assumed.