26 August 2012

Is there anyone who doesn't give authors advice? There is, there is!

I have a 'pet' flatworm—actually, a guest in a coliseum terrarium that I made for it and a leech that it was pursuing with it seemed, hungry intent, though I couldn't, to be honest, read the flatworm's eyes. It might have just been admiring the leech's upwardly mobile stance.

The leech is either history or hiding, but the flatworm is quite outgoing, despite me not having introduced any companions since that day about eight months ago. Some say that this type of flatworm can live for a year without a meal. Of one thing I'm certain. It has not written a single line of a guide to writing.

So I will.
Every story that has any power is just a glimpse into something that the author has the taste and reticence not to expose too much of.

Enough of that.
The Blue Planarian is a most fascinating creature, with slime that is both slippery and sticky as glue. It is also one of the most difficult of all photo subjects, its surfaces coated with inscrutable shine. This species, Caenoplana coerulea is getting a bad rap these days, enjoying foreign foods in lands far from the Antipodes. I don't know, however, if it has reached Tuscany.


Anonymous said...

that piece of advice the planarian didnt give is very interesting in the context - I've thought that about your blog and stories many times - just the very tip showing, implying worlds underneath...

Adam B

anna tambour said...

You're so empty in the middle, so fat around the sides.

what capacity!
your perspicacity

How you know to self propel
yourself upon the turbid swell

Is quite a mystery
but that's your personality (I won't say 'history' because of critics who torpedo history for being in the past)

But thank you again for your floatatiousness. I'll consider that from you, it means that this venture is worth keeping going, rather than an IPO, which is when rats don their lifevests.