25 August 2012

A bookmark-lover's delight

A Season in Carcosa is kicking. Order now and get this cool bookmark delivered with the baby in September, which is almost now to almost satisfy instant-gratification addicts.

I do love real bookmarks. And this one, with the Pulver himself, is going to be a collector's item, as will this most unusual anthology.

Other bookmarks in my treasure collection:
 A sewn artpiece by Tansy Rayner Roberts, disgustingly overendowed with talent. She has perfect pitch as an often very funny storyteller. And she also wields a needle with a tail of thread.

(the memory of) Many Persephone Books' bookmarks, all of which I've given, nestled between leaves, to special friends. My favourite book from PB is still Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, a delicious satire that PB has turned into a classic and that Hollywood turned into a simplistic simper.

Kaaron Warren's bookmarks. Each one is a small collection of disparates, and each one is as unique as the fiction that's come forth from Warren's very strange mind. You would never think to look at her, what lurks in that wine-bowl skull.

But for originality of thought, I'm afraid that no one in the field of fiction can beat the imagination of some bureaucrat, someone unnamed as a cathedral gargoyle. The bookmark: An Australian Initiative: The National Public Toilet Map, a Project of the National Continence Management Strategy. Now, that is something worth carrying into the writing field. Ten thousand words muddling what ten would say quite clearly? Call in the CMs!


kiy1955 said...

Here's the ToC:

Joel Lane "My Voice is Dead"
Simon Strantzas "Beyond the Banks of the River Seine"
Don Webb "Movie Night at Phil's"
Daniel Mills "MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room"
Gary McMahon "it sees me when I’m not looking"
Ann K. Schwader "Finale, Act Two"
Cate Gardner "Yellow Bird Strings"
Edward Morris "The Theatre & Its Double"
Richard Gavin "The Hymn of the Hyades"
Gemma Files "Slick Black Bones and Soft Black Stars"
Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. "Not Enough Hope"
Kristin Prevallet "Whose Hearts are Pure Gold"
Richard A. Lupoff "April Dawn"
Anna Tambour "King Wolf"
Michael Kelly "The White-Face at Dawn"
Cody Goodfellow "Wishing Well"
John Langan "Sweetums"
Pearce Hansen "The King is Yellow"
Laird Barron "D T"
Robin Spriggs "Salvation in Yellow"
Allyson Bird "The Beat Hotel"

And excepting the bEast's pic, it is a lovey bookmark . . .

anna tambour said...

Thank you for posting the TOC.
I debated Should I ortle?
then plumb forgot, but your rancid rot
of taste is quite abhorrtle.
You state "except", then quirple off
with a toss of your gazingers.
With your style, one could well presume
you toss bouquets* and then as ever, quirple off,
*of hearts and exhumed fingers.

So sir, we are so not amused,
but we're gracious, so you are Excused
If, you learn, you tasteless mortal.
This lovely bookmark without the Pulver
is like the ch
without the ortle.

kiy1955 said...

[laughs and laughs]

You are the BESTest Wonderful Witch in the whole dang&HOTtarnation universe!! !

And so kind of you not to WHAM-BOOM the old bumpkin about his typo~ ~~


anna tambour said...

those whiskertips are too dazzling for anyone to see anything as dull as a typo.