09 March 2012

A t-shirt to love & wear, even if you don't like *him*

The lust that any being must feel for the Lovecraft eZine t-shirt that you can win reminds me of the time my uncle found a greeting card so attractive that he bought and sent it, crossing out the irrelevant to all of us including him, "Merry Christmas".

I think the shirt (great designs f & b, Leslie!) goes best with things that drip and make odd noises, including lovers in the rain—but this drollery (for beings with two arms—sorry, others) could be worn anywhere and face or turn its back on anyone/thing, even a/t's who think Lovecraft, who? but love the fontplay.

And the best thing about the t is that it comes from a place where visitors will be captured, played with, and consumed by the contents—even if those visitors might have wandered into Lovecraft thinking they were the consumers, and were going to romp out with, say, a teddybear-making kit, includin the stuffin.

The Lovecraft Ezine itself is the spawn of a crazed love, fueled by the passion and undeep pockets of Mike Davis. Your help could keep the zine going, which means: help away!

There are two other reasons I'm writing this post.
  • I highly approve of the style and attention to detail that Mike and his cohorts put into this newish magazine that quite uncommonly, has style as well as substance.
  • I've been dogged. Upcoming in the April issue (I'm delighted to announce) is my report: "The Dog Who Wished He'd Never Heard of Lovecraft"


Ethan said...

"...goes best with things that drip and make odd noises, including lovers in the rain..."

I love that.

anna tambour said...

Thank you for your crazy love! But then again, it would be lovely to know some things you think go best with? How about three?

kiy1955 said...

YippEEEeeeeeeEEE~ ~~

Delighted to hear you will be in this! !! DElightED! !!! I believe I have a tale in this issue as well . . . It will be a vEry great pleasure to again share space w/ a talent as wonderful as YOU!!! !

Of course, this will not be the last time [winkSS/grinSsss]

anna tambour said...

Let's fight about it, Joe. I consider myself to be lucky if any story of mine rubs shoulders with yours. There's nothing as inspiring as a bad influence, which makes you an awful (in the old sense) inspiration, to me!