29 December 2009

Launched! Sky Whales and Other Wonders

edited by Vera Nazarian
published by Norilana Books

Table of Contents
Introduction — Vera Nazarian
"The Sky Won't Listen" Tanith Lee
"The Tin and the Damask Rose" Anna Tambour
"What a Queen Does with her Hands" Erzebet YellowBoy
"The Gifting of Nyla's Son" Linda J. Dunn
"Stone Song" Sonya Taaffe
"Sky Whales" Lisa Silverthorne
"Death's Appointment Book, or the Dance of Death" JoSelle Vanderhooft
"The Sugar" Mary A. Turzillo
"She Who Runs" Mike Allen
"Breaking Laws" John Grant
"Only One Story But He Told It Well" Robert Brandt


Norilana said...

It's such a thrill and joy to finally have all your wonderful stories to go out there into the great wide world!

All hail, true Wonder! :-)

anna tambour said...

It was a pleasure to read your insightful introduction. You explained what "wonder" in fiction means to you so well that I won't ever gag at that usage again.