20 December 2009

"The Eye of Nostradamus Summit" coming soon, and Jack Lorimer's whinge

Sparked by a minds-spanning, worlds-stretching painting by one of my favourite artists, Marc McBride, this eye-wash of a story by me is coming out in February (issue #44, edited by the Felicity Dowker) and is one of many good reasons to get into —

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

No time like the present, and a hootful present at any time
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The current issue #42 is edited by Edwina Harvey (I highly recommend her recently released The Whale's Tale. This would be an especially good present for that time after Christmas when everyone's bored with the presents given to them, and the vampires cease to satisfy.)

But onwards with Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #42, in which I have a special interest:

Love Among The Lobelias . . . Rob Shearman
Over The Rim . . . Ripley Patton
Soldiers . . . Dave Lucket
The Name Thieves . . . Laura Goodin
The Hatchling . . . Anna Kashina
Dream (TM) . . . Simon Petrie
Pinked Djinn . . . Dave Freer
Inside Job . . . Jason K Chapman
The Good, The Bad, And The Donkey . . . Alex Kearney
Celebrity Skin . . . Felicity Dowker
The Arms Of Love And Death . . . Anna Tambour
Pageant Girls . . . Caroline M Yoachim

Steak . . . Steven Saus
An Open Letter Circulated Across The Web . . . Marcie Lynn Tentchof

Special Features
Tribute to Douglas Adams . . . Robert Jan
Parasitic Worms Of The Living Dead . . . J W Schnarr

Artwork by Tom Godfrey, Rob Jan, and Lewis P. Morley
Cover by Lewis P. Morley

Book reviews by Simon Petrie
A note about "The Arms of Love and Death"
Jack Lorimer is upset as only an expert can be, that I ended this report about him when I did. He's been such a pest about it that I swear I'll send out an update to any reader on request. Just write to me (at anna _ tambour at yahoo dot comatose) quoting the last three words of "The Arms of Love and Death" and you will be sent the next 400ish words of Lorimer's existence.

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