14 September 2009

The Big Domino: Amerika the Commie Pinko

Part 2 of my rave about health coverage around the world. (Part 1 was Australia in the American health debatcle.)

Today's post is inspired by all the placards waved now at "tea parties" around America — the ones that say Socialist/Commie (whatever!) — and by the type of person who is rousing this type of debate, someone of the caliber of Joe Wilson.

Not that listening to a member of the Chinese Politburo saying that China is democratic isn't surreal, or that listening to the level of debate in our own Australian parliament is something that children should ever be exposed to. It's not that they swear there, but that they act so childish! They do, however, have more respectful (of the institution) ways, and much more wit, as the British do, for saying, "You lie."

No place is perfect, but some places are louder than others.

Anyway, onwards!

The Big Domino

America's gone socialist
with bolshie institutions.
Let's count them: public schools, parks, libraries
and public prosecutions . . .

I've been robbed to pay for US surpluses,
though how much can I eat myself?
Those NASAns and Russians who moon-walked
stepped out with public wealth.

My taxes pay for highways on which I'll never drive,
for inspectors in places like Fargo. Would you go there
dead or alive?
Public libraries invite free reading, and they say, "check out our books"
when "check out" should mean, of store stocks. It's your duty as an American
to shop till you drop. Go look!
And if someone can't afford it, that somebody is a deadbeat.
Certainly not a someone you or I would ever want to meet.

There's the FCC, the CDC, the SEC. It's a conspiracy.
Now the public option for health coverage as a matter of personal choice
is the straw that makes me raise my voice.
It's commie and it's pinko letting choice tip the balance of wealth
that was already getting undermined by all this commie stealth.

The bolshie warriors we pay for,
(those of us who pay some taxes)
fight supposedly for our public good, even if the war's excuseless.
Ask not what they can do for you,
because I did — and they are useless!
Did they take out Fred X., Hugo V., and a certain Mr. Jack
(just a small list I asked the local SWAT first, and then the mils to wax?)
No! It proves: When you need a job done,
always capitalist contract!

Yes, the domino has fallen. Amerika's gone commie.
Let's those of us who value freedom move to where it's balmy.
Let's move to our yachts as domiciles, and make of them our nations.
Let's pay to ourselves our taxes, and dole to ourselves our rations.
(Not forgetting our lobbyists in DC
who still will get subsidies for
you and me, adjusted for our mtwwba-inflation.)

"In America, people like me -- whose health, credit rating, ability to find employment and financial future have been severely compromised due to a lack of health care -- deserve our situations, right? After all, things like this don't happen to real Americans, do they? Well, things like this do happen to real Americans, and this real American has had more than enough and is packing her bags and leaving the country forever."
- GrrlScientist, Living the Scientific Life, Real Canadians Talk About Real Health Care, September 3, 2009

"Ignorance has now become an existential threat."
- Dr. Jeff Schweitzer, A Failure of Citizenship and the Health Care Debacle

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