12 April 2007

The end

" ' An end!' she announced with ambivalence,
then blathered and burbled with rivulence,
so I swallowed her blog," said the fly to the toad.
"Now, The end!" said the toad to the fly, since.

And so it is rumoured
"That poem was in terrible taste," said the donkey, swallowing a snigger.
"Not as bad as the fly," said the toad, licking his eye.

To bray or not to bray
"Musth you do that?" said the donkey, giving the toad (who'd agreed to navigate) an inspiration as to direction.

And together,
they set off, later than they'd planned, but earlier than never.

So it is said
they've explored the Vastlands, been caught and condemned to be boiled in oil for Punning, escaped by disguising themselves as phasmids; followed the spoor of bletted medlar comfits till they reached—, but of Truth this blog can no more tell, than fly. As to whether it will rise again, that only happens in fantasies, cooking, and indigestion.

"I don't know why
I swallowed the blog,"
rumbled the stomach
of the toad.

"Take a tisane," said the donkey. "Don't say a word!"
Under liquorice skies
they bided time . . . and heard:
the trumpeting of bull chocoootaxonomists,
and sighs.


AliceB said...

Happy travels, Anna.


Faren said...

Somehow, this seems to tie in with a pun that came up during a very silly conversation with my husband last evening (while TV pundits were discussing lipids): Lipidoptera -- obese butterflies and moths.

And wow, another utterly cool critter! Looks like it has its racing stripes.

anna tambour said...

Thanks, Alice.
And Faren, oo, lipidoptera! And no matter that they swear, "But we don't eat anything," no one believes them.

Anonymous said...

If you go away,
if you go away,
then we may have to take our own wondrous photos of this dappled, moist firmament of a planet (dreams included); and ours will not be so clear and bright as yours,
but it will have been worth the attempt;
so I bid you adieu and fare thee well, fair lady.
The inspiration you have sprinkled on the world is a precious and treasured gift.


Vera Nazarian said...

Oh, Anna,

Your blog is a treasure! I hope you do not let it go! No one says you have to post regularly, just when the spirit strikes you. But, please don't abandon it!

anna tambour said...

Dear CA,
Your pictures in words and graphics would not only be wondrous, I'm sure, but would be unique. Mine anything is nothing to compare with and think of yours as less. Indeed, it has been my konstant kvetch that I have been adding to the Survival of the Specious that has caused me to think I should JSU (just shut up), and to declare. However, once a hypocrite, always a ... I must report that sights recorded and events such as the privilege of being 'zapped' by an assassin bug (unfortunate for the assassin bug that was squished in reaction rather than examined in contemplation) that have weakened my resolve. There are creatures (damned if I know their proper names, let alone their un-proper ones) that DEMAND to have their portraits displayed, and ideas that are bursting from my liver and lights that don't give a damn about my delicate ego and worries about being a h, capped. "Worry about that on your own time," they scream. And who am I to argue, especially when some of them have fangs?

Anonymous said...


I trust you will continue. Vera is right: we aren't wishing for (nor do we demand) daily or regular gems. But we recognise gems when we see 'em, young lady, and you do have a knack of fashioning them or polishing them ever-so-bright for us. I dunno how many "us" is (are). I don't wander the bloglands much, but being as how I like to photograph the natural world, enjoy all manner of words including the comical and essays which puncture pomposities, and enjoy science (though my biology is zilch and am puzzled by the certainties of recent proselytising, vivid, livid, aggressive, atheists-in-garb-of-High-Darwinists); so you may begin to see why I find your work so appealing.

And I add my appeal to the others.

Would your continuing be hypocritical? (I think not)

The Specious need assailing.
They abound!!
They infect.
They show no sign of reaching an upper limit.

Please don't leave them to flourish.