20 April 2012

"It Should Happen To You!" - deserves fame in our time

"What is this craze to get well known?"

What a screwy question.

Gladys Glover wants to "be somebody", and is, once she pays for her name to be on billboards.

"It Should Happen To You" has similarities to "Diary of a Nobody" which was also, it must be said, a satire.

"Have an opinion"
- Step 3 in WikiHow's How to Become Famous Using Social Media


Adam Browne said...

you're a somebody - not a big somebody, but one that smells distinctly of cardamom and other spices when your blog or other manifestations appear on the net - you need a billboard if you want to become a nobody...

anna tambour said...

Aw, geez! How sweet you are. Some day we must jaw cardamomically together. But in the meantime, let's both crack them between our teeth at the same time. We can't hope to approach the majesty of Rossini's "Duetto buffo di due gatti" but we could perhaps sound, for a moment, like two king parrots.