23 February 2010

Pre-order Polyphony 7, and keep a unique series alive

Wheatland Press is a small press of the highest quality—and by that, I don't mean ponderous sludge, but fiction that excites, intrigues, surprises.

And yikes. I haven't been paying attention. Their Polyphony anthology series is in danger of going under, and that would make it even harder for readers who are looking for something different.

In this case, There's only a short time left means something, as the financial crisis has bit hard. There really only is a short time left, just to the end of this month, as Wheatland Press explains here.

See the Table of Contents and Pre-order Polyphony 7 (edited by two terrific editors, Deborah Layne and Forrest Aguirre) here.

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