30 October 2014

"The Old Testacles", new story in The Cascadia Subduction Zone

"Ahem" said Moses.

Out now, "The Old Testacles", my latest published story, in the October quarterly issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone published by Aqueduct Press.

cover: "Clan" by featured artist Realm Lovejoy

Since this issue has a "Special Focus on Women and the Gaming World" (with pieces by the likes of Marc Laidlaw and Marie Brennan) I must give overflowing thanks to editor L Timmel Duchamp for slipping my story in, because as usual for my stories, it wasn't written to fit anywhere, but it HAD to be written as much as Saki had to write "Toys of Peace" (though I can't pretend to be worth as much as a speck of Saki's dust). If "The Old Testacles" can't be displayed in burning letters that hover over the head of every human on this ball, I'd rather it be published in CSZ than anywhere else. It's an extraordinary quarterly that always breaks its own bounds.

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