01 March 2013

What is art, but noticing what is


  1. Exactly. Tonight I saw raindrops hanging from the black, spidery branches of a ti-tree, turned luminous by a distant streetlight, and I knew it was only art as long as I kept it to myself - one of the people I was with wouldn't have cared, and the other would have tried to shake the drops onto my head :p


  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture, though it's hard not to smother it when putting it into words. So true about the fragility if you'd commented then. I'm lucky in that my usual travelling companion has been well trained now, and even seeks out what I would miss, knowing my taste. Rosie used to patiently wait, though she couldn't share my enthusiasm just as I couldn't for so many of the enticing smells only she could sense. I've often thought a camera a terrible intruder, too. Though sometimes it sees what the eye cannot.